I'm Sorry

I'm sorry for all the time I've made you cry And for making you loose that twinkle in your eye I'm sorry if I was the one too break your heart But fixing that is where I plan too start I'm sorry for not trusting in you That's something that I'm trying hard too do I'm sorry for letting others really get too me And being blinded by the truths I was too scared too see I'm sorry for pushing you away and trying to close the door I've just never truly felt loved by someone else before I'm sorry for holding everything inside Too the point that our love almost died I'm sorry for causing you so much pain because I felt like I wasn't enough I'm sorry that my past made loving me so rough I'm sorry to always feel like I have to apologize And because of my walls you felt that my love was all lies I'm sorry that I'm sorry but I truly do love you Because I know in my heart our love is honest, pure, and true!!

This poem is about: 
My family


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