I'm Sorry

Thu, 06/27/2019 - 13:22 -- hoohora

When I was young I learned to apologize 

Little did I know, it would be my demise

I started out using it for when I had done wrong

Then "I'm sorry" began flowing like a song

Whenever conflict seemed to come my way

I used these two words as a crutch to make it okay


I began feeling loads and loads of guilt

In my mind walls of doubt were being built

I started drowning in low self-esteem

and at times it felt life was tearing at the seams


In high school, I lost it when my family fell apart

I told myself I should have noticed the signs from the start

I should have seen him look at her that way

I could have told my mother and maybe we would still be a family today

I went into college still grieving the loss 

and feeling guilty at what I thought my mistakes had cost


My guilt had conquered any confidence I had

My foundation was shaken, and my heart hurt so bad

Perhaps the problem was I couldn't forgive myself

and in turn I truly couldn’t forgive anyone else


As I have grown up I see some peace in my life 

By not drowning in guilt and sorrows and strife

I took off the weight of the world and handed it over

To a power much greater that granted me closure


My confidence has increased and a smile I gain

I wish I could protect my younger self from all the past pain

Onward I go and a lesson I will teach

Guilt is a vicious thing that becomes like a leach

Take responsibility for when you’ve done wrong

But never let “sorry” become your everyday song








This poem is about: 
My family


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