I'm Sorry

Dear You, 

     I am so very sorry for the pain I put you through

I lost myself while trying to love you

My days had first started out with a pretty smile

And somehow, by the night .. it was slowly a frown

You said it would get better, you said it's okay

But you were not the one, drying your tears away

All of the lies you told 

Sounded too good to be true

For a second, I almost believed you

I'm sorry that I'm a wreck

I'm sorry that I cry

I'm sorry for being everything that you wanted me to be

I'm sorry for losing you while trying to find me

Today, I look and tell myself it is okay

The love that you once knew was toxic anyways

You bled, you fought, you gave your all...

Not once did I see you fall... 

The voices in my head echo at the sound of you scream

Each cut became deeper, rubbing deep against your spleen

At first, you broke me ... 

At first, you had almost won...

Until one day I looked in the mirror

And told myself that my victory had just begun. 

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