I'm Sorry


United States
34° 3' 57.3588" N, 84° 40' 36.768" W

I see the stars that twinkle, I'm not blind
And I remember us as I open up my mind
Two girls that used to giggle all night long
But now, all is left is a sad song
How I wish that you were here!
Then everything would be so clear
Without you I feel like I'm in hell
I'm sorry my dear friend, I'll tell you that as well

The wind is whistling, so crazy!
I can't believe that I was lazy!
That I could not pick up that phone!
Leaving you dying all alone!
I should have done the right thing
For you, I would do anything!
I would be sitting by your side
Why did you commit that suicide!

Now it is too late for me to say
I should have done it all that day
The day is gone, you can't go back
Now my heart has a big crack
I feel so bad I want to cry!
I can't stand this, I want to die!
I could have said so much more
But I'm sorry says it all

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