i'm really so simple!so

Wed, 10/08/2014 - 16:53 -- mars8


i'm really so simple!

so innocent and plain,

my minds races wonders

i am without stains


and this makes me so mad

because it is me,

and yet this girl

has yet to be free


ive suppressed her, detested her

made her sink with her pride

threw caution to the wind

and for good she will hide


still, i catch glimpses of her

so sweet and serene

shes reading a book

her figure is lean


she is wrapped in her thoughts

of the world and adventures

she is singing soft tunes

i'll give her a good lecture


i'll say i am changed

not my body--my mind

ill speak of a curtain

i am hiding behind


its thick and depressing

and it's draw string- barbed wire

so she might see that,

to her, i cannot aspire


i cannot say why,

for the reason is odd

but ill talk of my other

my most hated facade.


"shake hands with the curtain

fill your soul up with glee

be wise...you have not kill her

but setting her free


and then, maybe then

half dead, and at sea

you'll take pride in scarred hands

that have given you...me"







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