I'm not?

Tue, 02/11/2014 - 03:15 -- Kaelyn

Cogito, ergo sum

I think,
   My mind, it is full of thoughts.
I think,
   Of fires and of pansies, of war and of peace.
I think,
   I see my hands, flowing across the keyboard.
I think,
   I see the Earth with trees and houses and flowers.
I think,
   That I think, that I can think, that perhaps, I exist.

Therefore, I am...
   Am I?
I am,
   a human. Or am I a spirit?
I am,
   a part of the physical world. Or did I create this?
I am,
   tangible, and sensitive. Or did I imagine those soft clouds, those thorny vines?
I am,
   ...I am what?

I think,
   As every being thinks
I am,
   in my world and some others
I hope,
   when in despair, like everyone else.

You think, therefore you are.
I too, think, and therefore, I am.
I am like you...then why do you treat me like I am not?


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