I'm Moving

Seeing my life through a different set of eyes

As of yesterday, a true friend reminded me of my prize

In every way, I’ve dealt with remembering wondering why

Damn, I’ve have truly witnessed too many goodbyes


A beautiful city

A city of lights

A small town

A town full of unfair fights


Here is this place

Everything is a slap in the face

Armored in smiles and a smell you can taste

Regrets that I hate to love and memories I just can’t shake

Truth lies in all of the words at the right time I can’t seem to remember to say


To the ones that say I that I failed

Here is where I excel with ink gel

A talent where a blank page nothing to offer but everything to tell

Tired of expectations without any representation of successful tales


Hard to describe my disappointments, I have no ointment

Using my problems to push me further to my lack of limits

Resting in my solidarity and accepting my sentence

Tackling my ego, I swear I am finished

Saving myself from hell, I am no longer a tenant

This poem is about: 
My community


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