I'm Leaving Soon

Sun, 07/14/2013 - 22:42 -- kbmnmo

Three-hundred eighty-four miles apart.

Love knows no distance,



I'm leaving soon.

You promise me your heart and I promise you mine.


I promise:

I'll never see anyone the way I see you

I know your heart; I have memorized your soul.

I promise:

I'll never forget our adventurous ways

our joyful spirit.


I'm leaving soon.

I can hear change coming, loud as a freight train.


I promise:

to hold on even when hope has vanished

and I feel alone.

I promise:

to always reach for you,

to always long for you.


I'm leaving soon.

One last thing before I go.


I promise:

if your memory ever fails I'll whisper this reminder:

you are my future.

I'll always be your's, even when I'm far away.




Going to colege soon. Can definitely relate!

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