I'm Just A Kid


How can you tell me to act my age when you treat me like a little kid?

Let me tell you somthing you might not no about this quote-unquote kid.

I was just 15 when my cousin got killed

I knew it was going to take some time for me to rebuild

It was the straw that broke the cammles back if you will

It made me grow up too fast

Trying to forget my past

Now im sitting in dead last

Trying to put my heart in a cast.


So dont try to Correct my behavior if you dont know what i've been through

I've made it this far by listoning to people just like you and some how i still managed to pull through

Then out of the blue comes another standardized test and its called "people like you"

Its the only test ive ever passed,

But if we free ourselfs from this insanity called sociaty we can finaly chase our dreams right?


Maturity is not based on age

after all age is just a number.

But if age is just a number, why does this "number" define who I am and what I do?

In the end im a human being arent you?

We were created to mirror our creator,

Thus, you look as godly as me, and I as you.

I have blood that rushes through my veins, dont you?

I have a personality unique to me, dont you?

I have a heart that beats and a brain that thinks, dont you?

Shhhhh...dont talk, just think.

How can you tell me to act my age and yet you treat me like a little kid?

Never forget that you thought I would never be more than just another kid!!


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