I'm Incapable Of Feeling Fear

I'm incapable of feeling fear.

I know everyone gets chills down their spines when the violins screech in a horror movie.

Or when you go to lay down an infant who has fallen a sleep on your shoulder and your bracing yourself for a non sleeping beauty.

I'm not talking about that kind of fear.

I'm talking about death.

A.K.A the fear of living.

But I'm not scared of the thought of my last breath.

Being scared limits you to such little adventure in life.

What if this?

What if that?

Well what if tomorrow never comes?…

What if this is your last day on earth to be able to live and do things outside the normality of a narrow track .

It's not that I'm incapable of feeling fear but fear is incapable of fìlling me.

I refuse to live in the shadows. I want to live life on the edge

And by edge, I mean the edge of a cliff. Or hanging out the door of a jet about to jump just to feel the way the parachute pulls you up after free falling 12 seconds, kind of edge.

There is a huge difference between being fearless and being senseless.

Yes bungee jumping has a small chance of killing you but jumping without the bungi has a 100% chance of killing you.

I'm not saying that I don't feel a sense of uneasy in my stomach before I do things because believe me sometimes I wonder what the hell I'm doing just as much as those watching from the sidelines. But I know that there's just too much to feel and discover in life outside of being a wallflower at a party.

Stop being careful and safe instead be careless and brave.

Because Safe means fear of getting hurt and fear means boundaries and boundaries cut off any adventure closed off to anyone capable of feeling fear.


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