I'm Gonna Give You A Second To Decide You Were Joking


You speak of this place like it’s tangible

Like it’s the second layer of hell

A ridiculous concept

But resonate of the truth

Your lust lead you here

Your objectification

Your sexualizing

“Oh she friendzoned me”

She did nothing

You relationship-zoned her

“That doesn’t exist”

It’s no less absurd than the friendzone

A girl can’t be friends with someone?

There has to be a payoff?

Love is not a choice

Just as you never chose to develop a crush

She can’t just choose to have romantic feelings towards you

It’s not electronic

Not a switch

She’s not a robot

She’s not a toy you can just turn on and off

If she treated you like a friend

She trusted you

She didn’t shun you

And you’re ignoring that?

Because your one track mind only leads to the golden gate?

And if her legs don’t open what’s the point?

“Girls never go for nice guys.”

Buddy, you’re not a nice guy

If you only speak to a girl because she’s physically enticing

And you expect something out of platonic love

You’re as far from nice as it gets

“Why don’t we just casually hook up ;D?”

You want the reasons listed by relevance

Or alphabetically? 


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