"I'm Gone!"

You cheating on me?Are you kiddin me? You got to be kiddin me!

Somebody done told you wrong if you thought you was staying,

Running around out in the streets, who knows with whom you been laying.  

I can't believe you had the nerve to do this to me after all I done for you!

I gave up my friends, my schooling, career and 10 years out of my life,

to raise your kids, cook your food and try to be a good wife.

You didn't hardly work, wasn't even a good husband to me!

You've slapped me, punched me, have called me all kinds of names including a B!

Still I kept you, I thought I could change you, I lost myself worth after I met you.

I'm renewing my relationship with Jesus and going back home where I belong.

You can just go on about your business, and leave me alone,

I will do the best I can to raise my kids on my own.

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