I'm Done

I’m done with lying and crying and feeling this way
Of laying in the dark, knowing that for my sins I will pay
Of pretending for you, that I really want this
When really it is our friendship that I miss
I’m sick of feeling like I am no longer me
Of locking up my words and throwing away the key
I’ve let you use me however you wish
And yet did not feel that something was amiss
I’m tired of things being how they are
I’m done begging and pleading and wishing on a star
You cared about me less than I care about you
Don’t you dare lie and say “that’s not true”
All you ever wanted was to fuck me hard
You would have left my heart on the ground in shards
And yet for some reason, I cannot say why,
I savor the bitterness of your every lie
But I’m done dreaming childish fantasies
For you were nothing more than a twisted dream


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