I'm Behind

Everyone else seems to be used to this
They've all been through here
This beautiful water
Many my age have practically sailed
Through this whole ocean by now
I know I'm behind
I've only finished building my boat
And hanging my sail
These waters are unchartered in my eyes
I don't know what I'm getting into
I know others have went through this whole journey dozens of times
And some people are kind enough to even give me advice
Yet it all varies
Everyone's journey seems to be completely different
Some say you'll know that the place you'll land is right
The moment that you see the shores you end up in
Others tell me that you'll fall a countless amount of times
From storms or waves
And that I should prepare
To deal with immense grief and loss
Of possibly losing my boat or seeing a tear in my sail
I don't know how this will go
I can't even begin to explain how terrified I am
But I think I'm ready
I think this will be worth it
For better or for worse
I want to do this
I'm ready for whatever pain comes my way
I'll get through this no matter what
Hopefully I will make it to land with you
Though if not, I'm certain that a failed journey is An experience we both must go through
To reach a beautiful end

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