I'm Alive


United States
26° 11' 37.4784" N, 81° 32' 15.7236" W

Day after day you live.
For what reason?
There isn't one to give,
There is only poison.

As the clock ticks,
And the earth turns.
My heart still beats
And so does yours.

Now that you're gone
I realize how much it hurts
to see you're doing ok.
My pain keeps my heart
alive and at bay.

I am not weak.
But I am not strong.
Because of you,
I will never stay.
And because of this
I am afraid.

You made me love
and now I've lost.
But trust me when I say
all of this is your cost.

Now my heart beats
for something new.
And its dangerous
because its to
get revenge on you.


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