and so the night might come too soon
misguided by the reigning moon,
and turn your watts to glowing haze,
flickering there, periodic delays,

and you've heard it's darkest before the dawn,
the bluebird will sing, black sorrow withdrawn,
but this feels like Alaska when twilight is a moment
that flutters and fails and retreats as an accident.

travel far enough and you'll encounter the sun,
and curse his name, tell him all he hasn't done,
and he'll gather you close by breath and bone,
and show to you the light you yourself have shone.

reflections deceive you, mirrors hide what we see;
you warm us with kindness, bathe us in empathy,
you yourself are the beacon, you have the ability
to guide the ships home with truth and nobility.

shine on, and when the feeling is gone, you still will,
even when you are casted in morning's grey chill;
retreat to the shadows if they call you, but know
we wait in anticipation of your warm golden glow.

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