I'll Walk Beside You


We had walked on opposite sides of the street,
But I flew up in the sky
And began to soar with my head in the clouds.
I started to forget about you.
As far as I knew, you had both of your feet planted firmly on the ground.
I didn’t notice how high I flew, I was flying too high.
My wings of wax melted and when I tried to come down, I crashed.
I fell too fast, the ground shattered beneath me when I hit it.
I started falling, falling, falling towards earth’s core,
But somehow you managed to pull me back up to earth’s outer layer,
And you let me walk with you when no one else let me in.
I had felt like I owed you,
So I walked in front of you,
to protect you from what had caused me to fall.
I should have tried to find a way to protect you from yourself.
You slid on the ice beneath your feet,
And you fell all the same.
You now hide the scars on your arm with the sleeves of your hoodie,
But I saw them when you got them.
The picture, still fresh in my mind,
Helped me to remember to walk behind you
So that I could catch you if you ever fell again.
Little did I know that doing so left you to fend for yourself,
And this time you crashed into the same thing I did
Because I was no longer protecting you the way I did before.
The scars on your legs remind me;
Those damned jagged lines.
At this point in time I felt more lost than you.
What could I do now?
I can’t help you, no matter what I do.
But can I comfort you?
I personally know that the scars will never completely heal.
You just have to continue to hide them
And pretend that they’re not there.
But is it really that different from usual?
All life really is 
is a game of pretend, isn’t it?
So this time when you fell I grabbed your hand.
I waited for you to pull yourself up.
I know I can’t help you.
But even though I can’t,
I’ll walk beside you.
If you ever need me as we walk this road called “life”,
Just look to your right,
And I’ll be there.
I promise you, my friend. 
I promise.


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