I'll Wait

Soon you will return, I'll be by your side

I know you will be gone as soon as you arrive

3 months spent far away, another 6 out farther

Maybe spending 2 more years before a chance at forever

2 more years before I see you or hold you in my arms

Yet I cannot express how proud of you I am

You're building up your life, nothing will you be no more

Nothing have you never been to me

You are my everything, my world, my peace

Although words cannot express, I wish that you could see

I live my life to follow you because I wish for us

Standing up there by myself, in your word I must trust

Will I get to see you on the most important days?

What will happen if in the end you decide to stay?

Will you come back for me, will you be willing to wait

Until I finish my education and set my life out straight?

I will wait forever for you if it is needed to be

You have never told me though if you would wait for me

Study, work, study, work

The constant rhythm of the day

The years will go by slowly, I'll live it every day

Missing you and holding in the tears I promised not to shed

Silent sobs in the corner, put a smile on my face

"I'm fine" I tell to others, to myself 'I'm okay'

Broken at the core until you return, I have felt this before

The pain doesn't fade with time, it doesn't disappear

Only staying shut inside until I burn with rage and tears

I don't mean to yell, please don't be mad at me

I know I miss you just as much as I know you miss me

I will wait, forever if that is what it takes

But please dont make me wait, to continue to feel the unberable pain

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