I'll visit one day

I saw your body laying there
you didnt even look real
I say you from across the room
I didnt want to come near
but I knew it was you
one by one I see everyone come
I see your mom and dad
your sister and brother
your whole family is here
there looking t me like if I'm a stranger
I guess I am since I've never met them before
I see are old friends
they walk up to great you
your best friend is crying
I'm frozen with fear
it's almost my turn to see you
how will I react
in holding back my tears
please tell me you're still here
i dont want to believe this
it isn't true
i finally got to see you
and the tears are let loose
your body is laying there
you feel so cold
i kiss you goodbye
please open your eyes
give me a smile
hug me so tight
it's time to put you to rest
please I dont want to let you go
your going into the ground
it's so cold and you will be alone
surrounded by others
yet no one says a thing
In going to miss you more them you know
I'll come visit you in a while
I'll try to bring flowers
and some small cakes to
i know you dont like sweets but i sure do
i remember when you would eat them with me
we would talk for hours
maybe one day i can drop by
when I'm ready
when my heart can take it
I miss you
I'll visit you when I can
RIP issac



This piece is so raw, so honest, so open. I posted a piece called the Worst Day. It deals with the same matter. What you've experienced is one of life's most difficult things. How to heal the hole? How to deal? You nailed it with this one, you're a beautiful writer, thank you for sharing. Feel free to post back...all the best

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