I'll Remember You

Fri, 08/28/2015 - 08:58 -- EruX

Do you remember me?
I remember you.
Will you ever return?
I do want you to.

Do you know how long it's been?
Or have you forgotten?
I know how long it's been.
I have it here written.

Have you thought of coming back?
If so, why haven't you?
Has your life gone off track?
I wish I could say that I knew...

I wish I could help you.
I know something did happen.
If I can help, tell me. Please do.
You're a great friend

450 is just too long.
But I did promise, I'd stay strong.
If it comes to the thousandth day
Would you have anything to say?

When are you coming back?
I really wish I knew.
Many days pass by,
so many days... without you

When you return, will you be the same?
How much have you changed?
Will you continue that game,
or have you rearranged?

We may never have met;
My friend, you're across the world
But will you remember me?
Because I'll remember you.


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