I'll Never Tell You

I'll never tell you I like you.

I'll never admit how much better my day is
when you talk to me.

I'll never say
"I want you."

I'll never tell anyone that you're 
the only one I look for
in the hallways.

I'll never tell you how
you're all I think about.

Don't think
for a minute
that I'll confess
that I get jealous or sad
when I see you with another girl.

I won't say that
you invade my thoughts.

I won't tell you how much
you hurt me last year.

Don't think I'll tell you how much sleep
I've lost
thinking about you
and how we'll never work.

I won't tell you how good
you look in those jeans.

I won't confess 
how much my heart hurts 
when you pass by
and don't notice me.

Don't ask me why
I like you 
nut don't want to date you.

I'll never tell you
that this is about you.

And I'll never tell you I like you.


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