I'll love you forever but can no longer be yours.

I’ve watched this happen time and time again. I love so passionately. I encourage so desperately. I patiently deconstruct every single wall, that prevented me from having you truly experience what it is to be yourself with me. I am not perfect but I am loyal, I am trustworthy, I am hardworking, and I am honest. I care about your happiness and growth, in fact so much so that is a goal of mine to see you grow so tall you have to trim your branches from scratching the sky. I believe in your potential. I appreciate and bask in the wonder of your accomplishment. I work as hard as I can to provide stability and a sense of luxury. I want you to feel lavish in my company and exalted by my feelings. Sometimes I work too much and you seemed to feel i’m not giving enough of me. In reality I now see I had given you too much of me. I had wore myself so thin I didn’t see how badly I had allowed you to mistreat me. I always just forgave, it was easier to let the pain go then just simmer inside me. As long as i could hold you close I could pretend that loving you as much as I could was enough. It wasn’t. I’ll never forget the day I had to separate my thoughts of you and I. I had to figure out how to be alone. Just as I have watched this happen time and time again. This time was different. I have remained alone instead of searching for commitment. Now that we are apart. Now that I am no longer there for you to hold on to. You find your self falling inexplicably in love with me. It is now that you see all that I do. You wish nothing more then the opportunity to wait for me. My love I can no longer keep you waiting. I have loved you so deeply I have suffered so greatly. I apologize that I can no longer be the love you hope for. You will be the example of the lesson I have learned. Never again will I allow someone to hurt me the way you did. Yet with my deepest regard I thank you. You showed me my worth. You showed me how great I could be, I just wish you realized it before this ended.

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My community
Our world


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