I'll Be Here


United States
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Trust me when I say this; I'm still in love with you.
But I love a man that's in love with two.
My life isn't much, it consists of you.
You're the one that gets me through,
a whole minute, hour, and day, too.
With out you by my side I'm way too fragile,
but I'll be strong, like steel, like fire.
I'd do whatever just to see your pretty smile.
Just for you; it's the only reason,
I get to see Winter, Spring, and the next two seasons.
You're in my laugh, tears, smiles, and breaths I take;
You're a part of me, for goodness sake!
But I'm happy to see that you've found the one,
that will give you more than what I have done.
Everyone says to let you go,
but there is more to you, you don't allow yourself to show.
I'll be here, just letting you know.
Whenever you need me, I'll be there; hail, rain, sun, or snow.
You're a big part of me, if you havn't noticed.
But we must continue. We must stay focused.
I wish you the best in your training,
I know it's your dream; your goal, and you must complete it.
By your side; that's where I'll be,
until you see,
it can't be just 'I', it has to be 'we'.
But it's whatever floats your boat, my friend...
I'll be here, from now until the end.


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