I'll Admit If You Listen


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I want you to hear the truth about me
The truth is I don't believe
I don't believe someone loved me so much that he was willing to give up his flesh and blood
I don't believe in divine creation 
By some being that never, by definition existed
And you think I'll go to hell if I say this but I'll admit
I believe I was made of star dust not in someone's image
I believe no amount of worship will stop the curtain from dropping after the show
You think you felt a presence tell you not to commit to the night but truthfully, I think it was your own strength that pulled you away from the gun
I know you think this is my lack of understanding
This is my lack of real world experience
Lack of education
But if you were truly listening to me
not your own defenses
You would hear that this is my education
This is my life experience
My understanding
Because I've fought for your side too
And truthfully I'm not convinced 
But you would know all that if you listened


Deja Marshawna Anderson

Everyone has freewill to choose what they want to believe. But some will not believe until they have visual representation.


God Blessx0x0

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