Ignorance, You're Childhood Friend

Mon, 01/22/2018 - 20:54 -- smoran2

Dear Ignorance, 

We've had some great years together. 

Probably the happiest years of my life. 

You've kept me safe, 

well, feeling safe.  

I see now that you were watching out for me

You are now covering too much.  

Do you know how much bliss you've stolen?

Do you realize how much of the world you've kept hidden?

You don't, by deffinition.  

Do you know how hard you make life for the powerless?

Do you know how easy you make life for the powerful?

You keep that seperate, indefinitely.  

You are the difference between one realizing their own mistake or putting blame on the world.

You are the highest wall keeping us from enlightenment.

It is a time in my life where I should say goodbye to you.

I think it is a time we all say goodbye to you. 


Spencer Smith



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Our world


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