ignorance is bliss

I don’t remember much about the days when I was fed 

Or when I laid in a crib instead of lie in a bed  

Or even the days when my diaper had to constantly be changed 

Or when taking a step was an action that gained me fame 

Or when it was ok to greet everyone with a single kiss 

Oh how I know ignorance is bliss 


I loved the days when I was a – little – kid 

When I wasn’t the slightest bit ashamed to ask a women’s help to open a lid 

When sticking of the tongue was the foulest form of scoffing 

When the only class 1 felony was rolling my eyes when my parent were talking 

When I loved to go to school and play at recess 

When one plus one was old and two plus two was the hardest question on the test 

When I thought love was made from a single kiss 

Oh how I know ignorance is bliss 


I am living in the days when my feelings are undeniable 

And when trusting others for anything is unreliable  

And when all I do is complain about senseless, irrelevant things 

When I Claim an ordinary chair as if it is a throne and I am King 

When unimportant, insignificant, irrelevant information must be remembered under lock and key 

When I don’t have time to study but I always have time for me 

When loving someone is proved with a single kiss 

Oh how I know ignorance is bliss 


I look forward to the days when all is free and fun 

When I find the perfect girl, the bright, the beautiful only one 

When I see her and know it’s her just by the gaze in her eyes 

When it’s her or nothing, it’s her or my spirit will simply die 

When it happens will it be romantic like those displayed 

When it happens will it end in love or utter dismay? 

When unsure I’ll check with a single kiss 

Oh how I know ignorance is bliss 


I have seen the days when the elderly are old and decrepit  

When they try to act happy but a lifetime of knowledge and worry intercept it 

When they’re wondering why their peaceful life is filled with stress 

When life is one big agonizing wound to dress 

When they are too wise to let a face expression go by unregarded 

When the love they give to their better half goes un-retarded 

When love is still an undefinable feeling but not defined by a single kiss 

Oh how I know Ignorance is bliss 


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