Ignorance abundant
Leaves me reluctant
Suppressing your emotions
Your life is so redundant
Status quo reigns forever but for me I’ll be remembered
That the quo shows no effect on my soul
Stupid phrases with no sense
Just living life at another’s expense
You think "you bout that life"?
With no knowledge about real strife
Or maybe it’s your selfishness
Please, just give it a rest
This world is full of hunger…
For food and knowledge 
You sitting there yelling “forget college.”
You’re so ungrateful 
The only thing you’ve learned is how to be disrespectful
You have that selective hearing and sight 
Blocking anything that’s not convenient for tonight
When you die, can you say you helped someone or just yourself?
Let’s see the conceited and shallow you. 
Truth is you’d be so much happier if you were true.
Now that I’ve spoken my mind and taken your time 
I hope you take your stance 
or I’ll just leave you in your pool of ignorance. 


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