I listen to your endless chatter,

Blatant lies that go ignored

And I wonder if you even notice

That it’s my soul you’ve torn

With your ignorance.


I want to throw that ancient book at your door,

Scream and cry and tell you you’re wrong

But you won’t listen,

With your ignorance.


So I go through the day,

Peaceful and calm,

‘til you come around

With news of a bomb.


I didn’t do it!

I’m innocent, I swear,

But you’d just scorn me,

With your ignorance.





That’s me,

According to your ignorance.


I wear my silken hijab,

And feel the touch of truth,

But I can’t leave the house

Unless I’m bulletproof,

All because of your ignorance.


“Islamophobia” they call it,

“It’s natural,” they say

Ties of red claim we all must pay,

For the actions of a few


And I call it ignorance.


2.2 Billion.


And to you we are all the devil.


What would you say?

If you saw only my face,

The rest covered for modesty’s sake.

Would you hate me?

Would I die

For taking away your ignorance?


So I close my eyes,

And I cover my ears,

And I wear this simple disguise,

Drowning myself in ignorance.


Allahu Akbar.




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