Guys, what are we doing here? Really, what are we doing here?

We act like were living with no fears, yet were scared to give up this immature life style and consider serious careers

I think Kanye West said it best that our generation is the "new slaves". Were just digging our own graves in society with those new J's that we kill each other for just to feed unnecessary craves.

I mean it’s crazy how lazy our Generation can be. They rather argue about who's better, Jay-Z, Drizzy, Pusha T, or Weezy or they rather watch Kobe or KD drain that Deep Three or get into twitter beef or better yet... smoke weed. Rather than study and then complain and wonder why in the hell they finished with a D in Chemistry...

Believe me, I used to be oblivious and think be that way too, but at some point we need grow up and maybe read a book or two.

Because being addicted to this high school life is only going to restrain you to a high school mind, which leaves your lust and your potential for success intertwined.

Because we all know that our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. And I’m not here to lecture you on your lack of intellectual structure. Because who am I to judge you when I act a fool too?

I’m just asking this generation to be open about maturing and instead of ignoring knowledge take advantage of what others will see as disadvantages.

we all have a form ignorance, but what is important is how we move closer to losing it.


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