If You'd Listen

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 16:21 -- mselzer


United States
United States
United States

I don't need your approval for my actions

I don't care for your judgment on my transitions

Even if I'm doing wrong I don't need your permission

You would understand but you won't listen


I didn't take the challenge, this is true

But it's not from apathy nor an excuse

I will not pay anything that is not due

No status nor threat will I listen to.


Unfriend me if you want, hate me if you please

Scold me and scream then call it a tease.

To my heart, money and ice and buckets have no keys

I'll put my heart where God puts the needs.


You tell me it's for a wonderful cause

I believe you without pause

But it's still my choice regardless of applause

For it takes more than ice for ice to thaw.


Many have ignored but I took a stand

If you're going to challenge me, do it man to man

I said no and I got the back of a hand

But on my own two feet I still stand.


I don't need your approval or permission

I don't want your judgment on my actions

If it makes me an outcast and an exception

So be it, but you'd understand if you'd listen.


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