If you were mine ..

Roses are red , 

Violets are blue

If you were my girlfriend then I'll do anything to stay with you. 

Even if we get into an argument we'll find our way out of that mess. 

I'll be your prince & you'll be my princess. 

I'll want to spend every single second with you and make you realize that your everything to me.

I'll give you my all. 110 percent until I fall.. 

I'll call you at random moments & visit you at random times. 

Make you feel special each and everyday. 

Bring you a rose for every day I love you even more & more. 

I'll be trustworthy, honest & loving 

& I'll never want to keep you suffering. 

I'll love you & treat you like your all I need. 

I think I was destined to meet you like we've made a plan from birth. 

Be my girl and you'll make me the happiest man on earth;

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