If you were mine

Love is a complex thing
I really can't think of a place to begin
love comes in all forms
a family member, a friend
and the one we all look for
that special one to adore
that friend that you want to be more
someone to complete you
someone to call yours
when you find that person
in this great big ocean
you have one more task
before you can call them yours
you have to be that special someone
to them
if you were my special someone
my dearest friend, my love, mine
i would tell you, till the end
all the things
that make you beautiful
that make you who you are
i'd tell you i adore you
i'd remind you everyday
of this passion, not going away
for I have found the one
i want to call my own
and now it's time
to make the climb
right to her heart
when I'm there
I'll pray we never part
but as i sit, all alone
i wish and wish
you were mine
and mine alone


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