If You Go...

Why do you want to go?
I love you, many a times I told you so
Still you want to go and leave me alone
Then I won't stand in your way like a stone
Although I'll cry for you round-the-clock
Your aisle to flee, I would never block
But if you stay with me
My dream coming true, it'll be
I'll live a new life with you again
We'll reach the clouds and come down with rain
We'll hike the forest and explore the desert
From fountains of love, we'll quench our thirst
We'll slide on rainbow and hop on stars
Like light years to us, are just few yards
We'll tip toe on mountains and nip over the sea
The force of gravity will also let us free
But ...
If you go away and leave me behind
From tangles of my love I'll let you unwind
If you go ...
Saima Qureshi ©️

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