if you ever find yourself feeling lonely at a party

Sat, 09/13/2014 - 06:02 -- emzkos


Even if you’re weeping.

Even if you’re blind.

Even if you have collapsed so many times before.


Find someone to lean on.

Someone whose smile has set off fireworks in your chest.

Someone who can carry you when your own legs have failed.

Please notice their hands are shaking too.


Plead to the heavens and bargain with hell.

Pray to any god who’s willing to listen.

Worship yourself.

The gods may not believe in you so build shrines in your own name.


Hug your father, unless he’s evil.

Thank your mother, even if she’s evil.

Forget a past where your teeth chattered and your feet were always cold.

Try not to dwell on a future full of ruins.


Love so immensely that you’re afraid you might break.

Love everyone who dares smile in a world as cruel and as magnificent as this.

The sun and the moon are quarreling lovers, yet they love their children so fiercely that they are willing to share the same sky.





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