If we where all glass

 If we where all glass life would be easy.

 Everybody would be careful and not as needy.

 People would treat one another like a snowflake.

 And with a small touch everybody could just break.

 We humans would see the value of things not the price.

 Nobody would care about their shape or size.

 Because we would all just be the same.

 Therefore that way nobody will receive shame.

  If we where all glass we would all be fragile

 But if we where all fragile life would be a hassle

 We would all feel lonely, because we would have no friends

 We would try to be so cautious that we would stay away from one another until the world ends

 Life would feel dull and boring

 There would be so much loneliness that we will be mentally losing

 What would be the point of life if we all just live to hide

 Because life is about taking risks and having fun along the ride


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