If We Loved One Another

My loneliness paraded within, while their

white lies and excuses stacked as high as their ego.


“I don’t have time.”


My feelings were thrown out of thought,

because they were purposely oblivious.


“You shouldn’t feel this way,

because I love you.”


My anxiety and stress were journed insane,

while theirs was justified by their past.


“My ex hurt me, that’s why I’m this way.”


My heart ached,


“You’re worried about nothing.”


My stomach twisted,


“Actually? You’re worthless.”


But my mind rattled;


if we loved one another,

I wouldn’t feel like I had to escape.


if we loved one another,

the words “I love you,” wouldn’t hold me hostage.


if we loved one another,

I wouldn’t have left.


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