If only you knew

I step in the room and your at my throat

It's only your's I want to choke

I'm stressed out but I don't shout

I go straight to my seat and not pout

Things running through my head not what you teach

I would go to church if I wanted to hear someone preach

Not enough sleep and I can't keep my head up

I don't wanna be hear you yell so just shut up

Get out of my face

I can think of somewhere better to be than this place

My mom is sick and my family members keep dyin'

Yet you don't see me sitting here cryin'

Then you find out and want to be sorry

I don't want to sit here and share this sad story

So instead I smirk and shrug like its nothing

teachers shaking me up I got to say something

The anger builds up and what comes out

A loud shaken outspoked shout

The last thing I want is some unneeded attention

So I'm sitting here in detention

Wishing someone would just listen

But instead I'm sent to ISS

I sit here looking around and thinking in suspence

If only you knew...

My daily life and all the bull crap I'm going through



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