If only they knew


If only they knew,

About the feelings that grew.

If only they knew,

About all the pain we went through.

They think they know,

That I just let it go.

They didn't know,

Just how much our love would grow.

They laughed at us,

and our plans we'd discuss.

They made us forbidden,

So our love became hidden.

They watched from afar,

While you were my blue star.

They listened to my cries,

And all my pain and tries.

They heard me screaming a plea,

But you screamed "Let it be".

They took away,

I was left alone in dismay.

You came back home,

But it made me feel like a lawn gnome. 

You came for her,

Shot me down like a perfect archer.

Told me nothing but lies,

But all i saw was truth in your eyes.

Now your a father,

Why should I even bother?

They told me you were wrong,

But I know where I belong.

They don't know where my heart is,

but for me it's not much of a quiz.

If only they knew,

How I feel about you.

If only they knew,

How much I long for my dreams to come true,



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