If Only

Mon, 06/15/2015 - 19:29 -- kemi09

If only I hadn't met you.

Would it save us both from the endless fights, nagging confusion and unspeakable heartache.

If only we stopped after 5 months But I was more scared of losing you altogether so I stayed.

If only I showed you my songs I'm not much of a singer but I had a plan for them.

If only you'd seen my poems, about us, about you, about love.

If only I sent those "lovey dovey" texts and triple texted and blew up your phone with calls and not cared about being too clingy or scaring you away or making an ass out of myself.

If only you saw my slideshow, because it was a bomb ass slideshow lol.

If only I wasn't guarded and didn't block you out, letting you in would've left me vulnerable and I'm sure I would've quit life a long time ago.

If only you knew how highly I spoke of you, and I always defended you no matter what we went through.

If only you knew how hard I tried the last 3 months, because I finally realized you were my source of happiness and in order for me to be happy I had to keep you happy.

If only you knew I thought about you everyday for 3 years and not a morning or night went by when you weren't on my mind.

If only you could see how much you hurt me.

And if only I could've seen how much I was hurting you.

You regret giving it your all; I regret not.


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