If not our minds, then what?

Mon, 05/20/2013 - 10:38 -- ben1029


United States
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What do we have if not our minds?
Any ownership we claim is fleeting
Our possessions wither, wear, and decay
Yet, we still cling to things in this world
While our minds slip and fade.
There is nothing so important as sanity
Still we allow our thoughts to cloud and wither
We become shadows of men and women
Shades lost of wit and senses
Until we fade into nothing
I will not allow myself to fade
My mind will not collapse
My thoughts will stay sharp
My wit is strong, honed and sharp
Can you say the same?
Or do you cling hopelessly to your things?
While they weather away into dust
And your minds last thoughts come to pass
In the end you will know
You sacrificed clarity for fleeting bliss
Your mind is gone and you have naught left
For what do you have if not your mind?
An abyss in which your joys will cringe and die
As your mindless shell joins your possessions
In death


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