if I never said the words.


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If I never said I love you, could it be taken away?
Could the words I want you mean the same?
If I never taken them away.
I love how you smile and love the way you laugh
Everyday was an adventure with you, its a shame it couldn't last.
If I never taken away the words I love you could we still stay the same?
Could we stay forever here just being lame?
Being the punk I am and the king you are, could we spend forever in the back of your car?
Just chilling listing to music or talking about us?
Is it really to much to ask to give into lust?
I guess it will just bet memories, the happy days when were in love
They say love never dies, so ill be the sappy one and pray for those days to come back around.
Maybe then you will realize what you found.


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