If I Knew You

We were young,
We were having fun,
Outside under the sun.

My first time watching you,
But I didn't really go through.

I then,
Caught a hint of your smile.
I fell,
For awhile.
Only if I knew you.

I wonder,
What life would be like with you in it.
It be full of joy or pain?
I see you by my side?
I want,
To feel,
Your life.

I have dreams,
What are yours?
Do you often wish you could soar?
Let's escape,
Let's get away,
To a world,
Where we could stay.

Did I mention my name?
I will not be ashamed.
For I,
Have been saved.

This day was two months ago,
I forgot you,
I went solo.
I wonder if you hear me know,
Or hear my little song,
I tell.

Let's stop,
And talk for awhile.
Into each other's miles.
I want to be with you.
If I knew you.


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