If I Didnt Write


United States
40° 54' 31.6656" N, 73° 49' 59.1024" W

Just like birds sing,
Wolves howl,
Ants work
And people love,
I write because if i didn't
I would die
I write to express myself,
I write to feel,
I write to be who I am
And always will be.
Just like water flows,
Cats meow
Dogs bark,
I write because that's me,
I write to be myself
And to be happy.
If i didn't write,
Birds would also not sing
Wolves would also not howl
And people wouldn't love
If i didn't write
Nothing would be right.
Like my heart and my soul,
My mind is filled with words
Without writing
I would be nothing
Without writing
I would be unhappy.
Writing is me.


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