If I could I would.....


If I could I would
climb to the sky
on the clouds I'd stand
and stare down to the crust.

If I could I would
make perfect change
that would remain constant
until we all turn to dust.

If I could I would
kiss an angel on its lips
lure it to stay on land
minding not what it cost

If I could I would
obliterate racism,
make us all a ditto clan
with zinc-coated Love so it never rust

If I could I would
make available education
for all to understand
and attend to it like it's a must.

If I could I would
empower the youth and assist the old,
withstrain children from wrong gangs
and facilitate all human have lost.

If I could I would
entreat the wisdom of the world
in the palm of my hand
and yet hope my head won't burst.

If I could I would
keep fighting my kryptonites and fears
with my fist and mind
even if the world turns lava or frost.

If I could I would
make Truth and Love
a song to be sang
instead of evil and lust.

If I could I would,
I would if I could.
since I couldn't,
I would hope we stop feeling pain
and wish God didn't rest on the 7th day,
but use it to abolish death
and revert all human curse.

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