If I Could Have a Pepsi With Jesus

If I could have a pepsi with Jesus.....

What in the world would I say

If I could talk with Him today?

Well...I’d have a few things to ask.

Like how did You go through the task

Of exchanging my punishment and sins

For blessings and life that doesn’t end?

Is there ice cream in Heaven?

Wait, I still have more questions!

Could I have done anything to change

My parents’ marriage? Am I to blame?

Why does my dad love that woman instead?

Does he regret anything he did or said?

What will be my future career?

How much of a difference have I made here?

Why is calculus soooo complicated?

It hurts my brain just to contemplate it.

Why do girls need to wear makeup

And worry about dating and breakups?

It’s so stupid!!!

Why do they do it?

Will my uncle survive his cancer?

I still have more questions for You to answer.

Why is it that hummingbirds

Are the only birds that can fly backwards?

Will it be painful when I die?

What plans do you have for my life?

What parts of my life do in need to condition

In order to be a better Christian?

Ok, I’m done asking stuff.

I have had enough.

Thanks for conquering the grave

And for me being in Lifesavers,

FCA, FFA, and everything.

For the people you have brought and will bring

Into my life. For my talents and gifts.

For everyone who has given me a lift.

For helping me accomplish things I can’t

Do on my own. For things I take for granted.

For listening and hearing my prayers;

Whenever I need You, You’re  always there.

For all of my friends and family.

For every blessing you have given me.

Well, it’s getting kind of late.

We’ll have to continue this another date.

Can we meet again next Wednesday?

Awesome! I can hardly wait!




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