If I Could Change You

Dear Past Me,

Looking back, I now see the problems.

They were flaws in myself 

that I thought were my strengths.


Do not forgive so easily.

To not accept any rock

thrown at you with open arms.

Do not put yourself in harms way

just to save someone...

especially him.

He has no right to touch you.

Do not let him.

You are stronger 

than you could ever imagine. 

YOU make the decisions 

about YOUR body.

Do not be so naive.

He does not love you.

Leave him and take some time

just to yourself.

Fix yourself before jumping

into someones arms and yelling

"Fix Me!"...

Take some time.

Learn to love yourself

more than others.

Learn to build some walls.

That's the only way women can live.

That's the only way women can survive.

Some men can smell weakness 

from a mile away.

They find you so easily.

Men who have never felt themselves be strong

will rip you apart showing you they are.

They do it to prove something to themselves.

It has nothing to do with you.

It's not because you are weak,

It's not because you don't fight,

It's not because you don't say "no" enough,

It's not because you give up,

because you did.

It's him. 

If I could change you,

I would.

If i could make you see all the pain

that you got yourself through,

you'd think you were WonderWoman.

If I could make you less forgiving,

I would.

If I could change how you will see yourself after,

I would.

You will hate yourself for a long time.

But don't forget that it's just him.

It has nothing to do with you.

You are perfect.

You are strong.

You have a heart of gold,

but don't let anyone take that away.

You are Me.

And if no one else is,

I am proud of you.


Story Vernon



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