If I Could Change One Thing... I Would Change Nothing


When I think of what I would change, if given the chance,

Through my head, ideas, they run and they dance.


I could look like this; I could sing like that.

I could make myself skinny; I could make myself fat.

I could run crazy fast; I could grow super tall.

I could go to the olympics and play volleyball.


I could change other people or the condition they're in.

I could make sure parents stayed together through thick and through thin.

I could change the whole world to square from round.

I could make the sky pink or move mountains around.


I could change history; I could change what's happening now.

I could change all of life's rules; who knows what I'd allow?

There are millions of things that I could change for better or worse.

But, to me, instead of a blessing, that seems more like a curse.


Who could decide on one thing they would change?

Not I, for that power would drive me insane.



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