if i could


if i could go back in the time adam and eve would not cursed

before i talk ill pay attention about what i ll say

i would erase hell i would leave only paradise

i would delete  the seas like that all the nation  could be unit

it ve been a long time we haven't do nothing brand new

then weapon to destroy after nothing we can do

if i could i would make peace between  water and fire and earth  

i would make harmony with the space and earth

i would pray the god to take away the index finger

because without it no one can press the trigger

if i could i was gonna stop  ww1 and ww2

and  all the nation was gon be  at the same level too

there was gon be no black no white everybody was gon be the same color

no slave no segregation everybody was gon be at the  same  floor

same floor mean no one was gon be higher than others

everyone was gonna be  brother and sisters

no poor no rich  everyone was gon be at the same stage

if i could i was gon do so much  for this world  

that even the world himself couldn't ever do for it own self

yes im Frantzy the son of this world that wanna see better and better for his dad which is the the world .

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