If He Feels The Same Way I Do..

Mon, 08/25/2014 - 14:19 -- keamber


Sometimes I stop and gaze at the sky,

Thnking of him and his wonderful eyes.

He makes me feel all bubbly inside,

Making life seem like a rollercoaster ride. 


I wonder if he feels the same way I do,

When he tells me " it's all worth it for you."

Is it true?


When he's gone I feel lost,

I didn't know we were playing hide n' seek.

What's love without the cost?

I ask him for a dollar every week.


I wonder if he feels the same way I do,

Have me left without a clue.

I left behind my shiny glass shoe,

Now it's up to you...


Do you feel the same way I do?



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