As if

I don't think I'm floating away

As much as I'm trying to keep myself on the ground
It's hard to hear people who have never experienced it talk about it
As if you wake up one day & have a choice
As if it's all a combination of good times and bad times
In the past month I've learned that there are many moments when I have to disconnect
A lot of that is when you speak
Because I take you in so deeply
And I let you affect me in a positive way but equally, definitely more, in such a negative way
All people have ever been is logical
And then you came and changed everything
I didn't feel before you were here
But since I never had experienced it 
It wasn't something that I ever missed
I have to stray my eyes to protect my heart
It's hard for me to believe in weightless words like "love" when I hardly feel it


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